The Rocky Mountaineer has five routes for 2012, all of which wind though the Pacific Northwest.


Areas included are Seattle, Washington and British Columbia.  Experience breathtaking scenery, where the immense Rockies tower over glacial turquoise lakes.

It is a wonderful way to see beautiful landscapes, and have take in stop-offs such as Banff, and its stunning UNESCO protected surroundings, and Whistler, one of North America's top rates Ski resorts.  Or travel to the the "Emerald City" Seattle, Washington, one of the world's most popular cruise ports, to the Canadian Rockies with the introduction of our beautiful Coastal Passage route. As part of our 3 day GoldLeaf Service rail packages,

Scenic views often include a wide array of wildlife: eagles, black bear moose and deer.  Rocky Mountaineer offers over 45 unique train vacation packages ranging from 25 to 2 days on four distinctive rail routes - three rail journeys into the Canadian Rockies and one spectacular 3 1/2 hour train excursion, formerly known as Whistler Mountaineer, from Vancouver to Whistler.

Service levels range from the GoldLeaf Service, which includes access to an exclusive dining room and gourmet meals, to the more affordable RedLeaf service. Whichever level you choose, it will be a comfortable way to experience the majesty of the Canadian Rockies.

There are several package available including rail and cruise, First Passages to the West, and Journey Through the Clouds

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